What is medical coding?

  • Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes.
  • The process of translating medical information into simple codes for accurate medical billing for reimbursement

What does a medical coder do?

  • After a medical provider examines or treats a patient, the insurance company needs to understand what service was provided in order to process the bill.
  • So a set of specific codes has been established to define medical procedures for easy reimbursement
  • It’s the role of the medical coder to convert medical information into appropriate code sets.

Essential Technical Skills for Medical Coding




ICD 10


Univfos Medical Coding Training “UMCT”

Course overview

  • This online training course has been designed to meet all the requirements that develop skills and knowledge a medical coder should possess.
  • The scope of this training program covers all areas including basics;
  • Suitable for both Life science and non- life science graduates
  • A comprehensive real-time interactive training will be provided on the below scope,

Highlights of UMCT

  • A comprehensive syllabus when compared to other fresher training programs of the same kind.
  • 60 hours of Anatomy, Physiology and Medical terminology
  • 69 hours of CPT, ICD, and HCPCS
  • 18 Hours of RCM (Revenue cycle management) training
  • Exposure to multi-specialty medical coding
  • Easy placement in any medical coding specialties

Training scope

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Helps to interpret and understand the medical record to select codes


RCM guidelines

  • Helps in understanding the Cash flow of a Hospital,
  • Enlightens about various departments involved in the healthcare reimbursement process.


CPT – Coding guidelines

  • Learn the language of the CPT coding manual to assign procedure codes easily
  • Covers the Basic guidelines of all specialties of medical coding
  • After successful completion can assign the codes for any specialty based on a medical record.


ICD – Coding guidelines

  • Covers the diagnosis coding guidelines
  • Can assign the appropriate ICD 10 codes after successful completion of this training


General coding guidelines

  • Includes Basic HIPAA and compliance training.

Eligibility Criteria

Any graduate

Course Duration

50 Days/204 Hours 

Training Modules

  • Live interactive Sessions (Online)
  • Self-paced online assessments
  • Real-time interactive practice discussions
  • Additional reference manuals for all topics
  • Model Exams
  • Mock interviews

Training offered for “AAPC Certification”

CPC – Certified Professional Coder- from AAPC

  • Certified professional coder (CPC) is a coding certification of AAPC, the American Association of Professional Coders,
  • Suitable for Physician Coding


Why CPC?

  • Certification establishes you as a healthcare professional and increases your chances of being hired in a growing, competitive job market.
  • Higher Salary Package when compared to non-certified Coder

        Note: For CPC exam fees and membership details, Refer the AAPC site.

Training Modules

Live interactive Sessions (Online)

Self-paced online assessments

Real-time interactive practice discussions

Training schedule

Weekend Training

Saturday and Sunday

4 months -216 hours

Mock Test

10 Model Exams

Course Syllabus

The complete CPC syllabus will be covered in detail as per AAPC curriculum

Training Modules

  • Live interactive Sessions (Online)
  • Self-paced online assessments
  • Real-time interactive practice discussions
  • Additional reference manuals for all topics
  • Mock interviews
  • Model exams

Training Expertise

  • We have an exclusive training department for medical coding
  • All our trainers have real-time hands-on experience in their respective training Domains
  • AAPC certification training programs will be conducted by the certified trainers of respective certifications.

What is medical coding?

According to the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), the medical coding definition reads as follows: Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes

Is medical coding a good career?

Yes, medical coding is a good job because there’s always a requirement for coders, billers and auditors in hospitals and other healthcare companies

What is the qualification for medical coding?

Any life science or non-life science graduates can choose medical coding as a carrier.

Can a non-life science graduate become a Medical coder?

Yes, any non-life science graduate can get a medical coding job after completing a medical coding training course.

Additionally completing the CPC certification from AAPC will an added advantage for a non-life science graduates

Can a medical coder work from home?

Yes, almost all medical coding companies offer work from home at present due to COVID -19, Emergency.

How to become a medical coder: 5 straightforward steps

Step 1: Get the basic prerequisites for training

Step 2: Complete medical coding training

Step 3: Obtain your medical coding certification

Step 4: Brush up on in-demand medical coding skills

Step 5: Find a job.

How do I become a medical coder without a degree?

In the current situation, people who are yet to give their final semester can also get trained in medical coding, and soon after they complete their final year they can get a job immediately.

How do I become a certified medical coder online?

One of the fastest online medical coding programs is offered by Univfos, a comprehensive training module completely online, The Advanced Medical Coding Training (AMCT) course.

What is the duration of the course?

50 days of training with a total of 204 hours (Only Online Due to COVID- 19 emergency)

Will I get a job after completion of the course?

Yes – after successful completion of the course, You will be able to get a job in medical coding

What are the additional support I get apart from training

Placement assistance will be provided,

Mock interviews will be conducted to help in clearing the Job interviews

What course is suitable for a non-life science graduate?

CPC certification from AAPC will be an added advantage in getting a job

How can I get a CPC certification?

Training for CPC certification will be provided by us, but you have to take up the CPC exam from AAPC

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